A little piece of Heaven-Bonny Glen Wood

DSC_0097 1 DSC_0052DSC_0082 1

Bonny Glen Wood in Donegal, a hidden gem! A picture is worth a thousand words!!! The image says it all. What a magical place for children this time of year. Located about 4 miles from Glenties town in South-West Donegal. Endless blackberries to be picked!!! Fallen leaves creating a wonderful palette of colour in the woods. The lake perfectly still, with a perfect reflection. There is something meditative about this lake. When you stop and take in the view you just get lost in it. It’s a very special place trust me. My little boy spent ages gathering stones and throwing them in the lake, disturbing its perfect stillness, but absolutely loving it!

In the wood there are many different types of trees including beech, birch, hazel, Japanese larch, lodgepole pine, mountain ash, noble fir, Norway maple, oak, rowan, Sessile oak, Sitka spruce, sweet chestnut, sycamore and wild cherry. Under the trees the ground is covered with ivy, clover, heather, furze, ferns and most specially, shamrocks. The wood is home to plenty of wildlife too including red deer, hares, badgers and many varieties of butterfly.


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