Santa’s Treat Jar

DSC_0255 1

Children love preparing for Santa’s big visit. What better way to do this then making a special treat jar for him.

You will need

A Glass jar

Thick ribbon

Thin ribbon

Crepe paper


Old Christmas card



Contents for jar e.g. cookies, sweets, message for Santa, small gift, food for reindeer


Small piece of felt


Hole punch

  1. Wrap the thick ribbon around and secure using glue.
  2. Cut out a nice image from a Christmas card and stick to the centre of the ribbon.
  3. Place the top of the jar on a piece of crêpe paper and mark around it with a pencil, about 1.5 cm from the edge all around.
  4. Cut it out with the scissors.
  5. Paint the top of the jar with glue and place the crêpe paper on top, pressing securely on to and around the edge of the lid.
  6. Let the children decide on the contents of the jar and allow them to fill the jars before placing the lid on top.
  7. Cut out a small label from card 3 cm x 2 cm and curve at the edges while cutting to make the gift tag.
  8. Cut the piece of felt slightly bigger than the tag and stick the tag on top of the felt using the glue.
  9. Punch a hole in the corner of it.
  10. Thread the ribbon through the hole and tie the ribbon around the top of the lid securing the crêpe paper nicely around the lid.
  11. Put away in s safe place until Christmas eve.
  12. I’m sure Santa will be delighted with this little surprise. It will be much appreciate after all the hard work assembling toys and putting them under the tree:)

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