Mary Rose Vintage Book photographer Julia Dunin (106)

Christmas stockings make a lovely tradition, and they are even more special and meaningful if you make them yourself for your family. When the children become grown-ups they will still have their Christmas stocking irrespective of where they choose to celebrate the occasion.

You will need

A3 piece of card


1 metre red felt



Glue gun or needle

Red thread

Threads in the colours of the items you use to embellish the stockings

Makes 1

This is suitable for adults only, due to the materials used.

  1. Create a template by drawing a stocking of the desired size on the paper card.
  2. Fold the red felt in half.
  3. Place the paper card stocking on the felt, with the back of the stocking along the folded line of the felt. This will save you sewing the back of the stocking.
  4. You can glue the edges together about half an inch in from the edges, or if you are handy with a needle and thread, sew along the edges.
  5. Turn the stocking right side out.
  6. To decorate, there are many options:
  7. You can make initials or names by cutting ribbon to create letters.
  8. Cut small Christmas trees or stars from felt in another colour.
  9. Use buttons, ready-made snowdrops, or pompous, and glue or stitch on to the front of the stocking.
  10. Create a loop for hanging the stocking by cutting a slim piece of felt ¼ inch wide x 4 inches long, fold in half and attach to the corner of the top of the stocking with glue or stitch it into place.

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