Magical Christmas Wishing Balls

Making magical wishing balls with children is a beautiful Christmas tradition. You can add a little written message, photos or little materials that are symbolic of the child’s wishes, before hanging them on the traditional Christmas tree.

You will need

1 polystyrene ball

Paint brush


Embellishments-sequences, buttons, glitter, paper cut up in various colours, cotton wool, photos/images, written messages

25cm of ribbon

  1. Fold the ribbon in half and stick together using the glue
  2. Attach to the top of the ball using glue.
  3. Lay the embellishments on a table and decide on arrangement.
  4. Dab glue on the ball and start placing some of the embellishment on it.
  5. Work around the ball adding embellishments as you go until you are happy with how it is looking.

Beautiful Wishing Balls for Grown Ups

  1. You can make a more grown up version of these by securing the ribbon to the top of the ball using a straight pin.
  2. Add embellishments like sequences and buttons by placing the straight pin through the centre of the button/sequence and into the polystyrene ball.
  3. It is quite easy to make them seem luxurious by using some of the following: rich ribbon like velvet or check ribbon, large polystyrene balls and large buttons/sequences. Cover the entire ball with embellishments and make sure there is some pattern or order to the placement of the embellishments. Get a nice little box and place some time festive fabric in it and then place the wishing ball on top. The result is very impressive and they make beautiful thoughtful gifts. Who wouldn’t love to receive one of these:)

DSC_0267 1


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