Sweet Pink Easter Bunnies


We are well into the swing of making cute easter crafts for next weekend. These little bunnies are soft cuddly and are sure to add a bit of easter cheer to your home.

I made these with Thomas last weekend. He didn’t seem to mind that they were a little on the girly side, but I got to play with a little pink, a colour that rarely gets a look into our house, with two boys:)

Make 2

You will need

2 toilet rolls

roll of cotton wool



pipe cleaner

googly eyes

polka dot paper


foam paper


Gently pull off a piece of the cotton roll ensuring you have enough to cover the toilet roll

Glue the cotton piece around the roll

Attach google eyes to the bunny using a little glue

Cut 6 short pieces of pink/purple pipe cleaner about 2 inches each in length.

Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner, the first 2 inches and the other 1 inch in length.

Attach the black short piece first and then the second piece to make the bunny’s mouth.

Next attach the whiskers three on each side to the top of the mouth.

Cut out rabbit ears from the foam paper or stiff card. place both ears on the polka dot paper and draw around each one with a pencil. then trim around the ear about 2mm from the edge.

Glue to the foam card ears and attach to the bunny. you can make these using various colours.


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