12 Good old-fashioned summer activities for kids

up up and a play

  1. Take your kids on a nature walk/scavenger hunt at a nearby park or around your neighbourhood. Give them a list of things to find: a leaf, a daisy, a dandelion, pine cone etc.
  2. Set up an obstacle course in garden or if it’s raining, inside.
  3. Have an egg and spoon race or a sack race.
  4. Play chalk games or sidewalk art.
  5. Make pink lemonade.
  6. Make homemade fruit ice-pops or ice cream sundaes.
  7. Fly a kite.
  8. Play matching card games or teach the kids regular card games.
  9. Build an indoor fort by draping sheets over strategically placed furniture. Read library books under the canopy.
  10. Teach your child how to sew or knit.
  11. Build a treehouse or playhouse together.
  12. Play skipping games.

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