Make a rain sound tube

up up and a play

My 5 year old loved making the sound tube and my one year old, who was sleeping during the making phase absolutely loved playing with it. He was very impressed with the sound, as the rice moved along the tube making pitter-patter sounds a little like raindrops.

You will need:

A long cardboard tube

Coloured paper


Greaseproof paper/ any paper


Small scissors


Lollipop sticks


Embellishments to decorate

  1. Get a cardboard tube like a paper towel tube. Cover with coloured paper using glue to secure it around the tube.
  2. Place the top of the tube on greaseproof paper or any paper; I just like the sound of the greaseproof paper and draw around it. Then draw a second circle around the first circle about 1 cm out from the original one. Repeat the process to create two circular pieces.
  3. Place on the bottom of the tube and secure around it with tape.
  4. Using a small scissors slice little cuts in the tube and put one in the opposite side too. Repeat this all over the tube for the number of lollipop sticks you wish to insert.
  5. Insert the lollipop stick into the hole and thread it though to the hole the opposite side. Repeat this for each of the sticks.
  6. Pour some rice into the tube. Put the other circular piece on top and secure with tape.
  7. Add embellishments and decorate as you wish.
  8. You can great variations by filling the tube with different things such as beans, beads, shells etc.

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