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“I’m bored!, can I play my tablet?, can I play my computer console?, nobody is out. I want to watch TV..I’m bored!!”
These are familiar sayings that children will say at certain times throughout the summer holidays or downtime from their usual routine.
Sadly it reflects our society today when children are entertained by means of technology. As a result it means children are now facing an era where imagination and social skills are diminishing; and playing by themselves happily will become a thing of the past.

Well fear not as a fabulous book “Up Up and A Play by Mary Rose Keane” reminds us of the simplicity of play and crafts and encourages parents to remember games and simple crafts that they once enjoyed for hours when they were children. Sparking their imagination once again and reminding them what being a child was once like before technology took over.

The book is full of lovely ideas for baking, lemonade making, ice cream making and party food ideas along with fun party games once enjoyed by all.
Kite making, paper fortune teller, marbles and much more.

Do you remember playing in large groups, playing games like kick the can? Hide and seek and red rover to name a few? Can you recall the fun you had? Well this book reintroduces you to these games that can be passed down to your children for them to enjoy.

Inspired by the book I took my children out gathered a few kids from the estate and asked them if they ever heard of the game red rover? Sadly the answer was no. Not long after going through the jist of the game the children started to play. I stood back and watched them play listening to them laughing and really engaging with one another. It was like how it should be on a summers day. Since then I’ve noticed the children showing others the game and asking about more “New” games to play.

For us its old games we are passing on but for this generation of tech kids it’s all new and exciting.

I can gladly say since receiving “Up Up and A Play” my children are asking to look at it and get ideas for entertaining themselves and their friends. It has reignited imagination and is now known as the magical fun book.

“Up Up and A Play” helps eliminate the “I’m bored” days and gets them active physically and mentally.

To find out what other little treasures lie within the book you have to check it out for yourself. Bring back the little carefree child in you and watch the magic found on the pages of the book ignite your child’s imagination.

Thank you Mary Rose Keane for reminding us of childhood memories that now will continue onto the next. … 5033878647

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Saturday Story Time at Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop

It was my pleasure to facilitate this vintage themed story time for kids with Ruth Concannon, Children’s Book Manger at Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, Galway. See link below for more images of the lovely morning we had there. up and a play

Enjoy and little nostalgic old-fashioned fun at Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop

up up and a play

Why not make Saturday the 27th June a nostalgic fun day outing for all the family? Take a stroll down Church lane to the traditional Galway market, a wonderful institution that has been by St Nicholas’ Church for centuries. Sample some of the artisan food on offer. Then make your way down to the Charlie Byrne’s an integral part of Galway’s artistic landscape. Charlie Byrnes has nurtured the love of books and reading within our children for over 25 years. From 11.00-12.00 I will be facilitating a workshop during story time at Charlie Byrnes bookshop to celebrate old-fashioned fun and games for kids. Everyone welcome!

UP UP AND A PLAY Available from our favourite bookstore in Galway Charlie Byrne’s


Charlie Byrne’s kid’s section just received limited copies of activity blogger Mary Rose Keane’s Up, Up and A Play which features over 80 engaging crafts and activities from the past to ignite your child’s imagination!

This engaging and playful make and do book seeks to trade today’s chaos for yesterday’s simplicity, with all of the crafts and activities tried and tested by Mary Rose herself!

Explore forgotten wonder with pastimes reimagined for present day, and invigorate the imagination with old activities made new again. Up, Up and A Play pairs beautiful photographs with engaging explanations to provide the perfect handbook for translating the past into the present.

This virtual time machine allows you to transport your children to a destination of whimsy. Write a messafe in a bottle and toss it into the great unknown. Compile a time capsule for future selves or future generations. Accept an invitation into the wild outdoors by reliving with the fun of Red Rover and The Farmer Wants a Wife, and then learn to pack the perfect vintage picnic to enjoy after the game.

Whether you grew up in the Irish countryside like Mary Rose, or a sprawling city centre that could not be more opposite, Up, Up and A Play gives you the tools to bring the past into the present. Engage the wonder, remember the innocence and recapture the nostalgia.

This entertaining book is packed full of creative activities that are sure to keep kids occupied during the summer months while appealing to every parent’s nostalgic side with it’s beautiful pictures and memorable retro games. We have limited copies available in our kid’s section so make sure you call in and grab up a copy today or simply contact us to reserve your copy now!

Review of Up Up & A Play – a new Kids Activities Book

Mary Ann Vintage Book photographer Julia Dunin low-res (30)

Review of Up Up & A Play – a new Kids Activities Book.

5 stars

Now available to buy directly from

€14.99 Free Shipping within Ireland. Please email for details on International Shipping.

Make a rain sound tube

up up and a play

My 5 year old loved making the sound tube and my one year old, who was sleeping during the making phase absolutely loved playing with it. He was very impressed with the sound, as the rice moved along the tube making pitter-patter sounds a little like raindrops. Continue reading

Kids Activity- Cardboard Castle

cardboard castle

On Monday  I resigned myself to the fact that we will be housebound for at least a week and probably two as my 5-year-old woke up with a the dreaded chicken pox. It is inevitable that my one year old will get it too. Anyway I looked around to see what I could find to keep a one and a five-year entertained for a few hours. I had this large cardboard box behind the sofa. Using the scalpel knife, I cut into the top of it removing squares to create the shape of the top of the castle. I then cut out the door and created a little drawbridge by sticking the leftover pieces of cardboard together. I wrapped masking tape all around the box to give it more stability and stuck the pieces together to create the drawbridge using masking tape. I put the box out in the garden and gave them lots of paint and brushes and let them at it. They proceeded to paint it and then got even more creative by using flowers as paint brushes creating very interesting brushstrokes. A little mud got added and it looked great on the castle wall creating an aged look. Thomas then got his water pistol and sprayed the walls. Finally Jonathan lay on top of it, rubbed his hair and face into it and rested for a short while. When they were finished making it they climbed in and out and in and out of it and the fun continued. This proves that the best fun is free and we all know that the best toy is the good old-fashioned box.