Up, Up and A Play

You are invited into my Irish childhood, trading today’s chaos for yesterday’s simplicity.

Explore forgotten wonder with pastimes reimagined for present day, and invigorate the imagination with old activities made new again. “Up Up and A Play” pairs beautiful photographs with engaging explanations to provide the perfect handbook for translating the past into the present.

This virtual time machine allows you to transport your children to a destination of whimsy. Write a message in a bottle and toss it into the great unknown. Compile a time capsule for future selves or future generations. Accept an invitation into the wild outdoors by reliving with the fun of Red Rover and The Farmer Wants a Wife, and then learn to pack the perfect vintage picnic to enjoy after the game.

Among the many pastimes reborn inside the book, you will find:

  • Vintage crafts
  • Games for rainy days
  • Activities for the great indoors & great outdoors
  • Recipes for nostalgic foods and drinks
  • How-to guides for old-fashioned birthday celebrations, traditional party games, and vintage picnics (including snacks and decorations!)
  • Seasonal traditions and holiday ideas for special occasions (Easter, Halloween, and Christmas)

And so much more!

Whether you grew up in the Irish countryside like me, or a sprawling city centre that could not be more opposite, “Up up and a play” gives you the tools to bring the past into the present. Engage the wonder, remember the innocence, and recapture the nostalgia.



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